Horatio and the Handbag

Original Script by Rob Smith

Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf was commissioned to “cultivate musical tastes in children from the first years of school” and it has been doing that very successfully all over the world since 1936. However here in the Territory, there is something of a disconnect. The setting for ‘Peter and the Wolf’, and Prokofiev’s childhood is the rolling green meadows and birch forests of what is now Eastern Ukraine.

It is hard to imagine a place more foreign to a kid growing up in Mataranka, Manangrida or Malak, than early 1900’s Eastern Europe - so while doffing our caps respectfully to old Sergei, we decided there needed to be a bit of a tweak to the tale to give it some Territory relevance.

So picture if you will a 10 acre block just outside Humpty Doo, the back portion of which is a paperbark swamp.

A cosy dongha comprising 2 converted shipping containers joined with a corrugated iron awning is surrounded by sprawling African Mahoganies. The block is littered with tray back Landcruisers in various states of mechanical disarray.

The resident? Grandad – a crotchety old Humpty-Doo-an with a passion for pinging feral cats and making hats out of them, and his grandson Horatio – a regulation Territorian , Humpty-Doo-an, lad.

So there we go - The scene is RE-set, for Horatio and the Handbag.