2024 Season Program

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Major Concerts

A breathtaking testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit 


Sat 17 Aug, 7.30pm
Darwin Entertainment Centre
Have you got what it takes to save the world and conquer the universe?  


Sat 26 Oct, 6.30pm
Darwin Entertainment Centre
Embark on a journey from stormy seas to enchanting tales with two exceptional guest artists 


Sat 7 Dec, 7.30pm
Darwin Entertainment Centre

Education Programs

Goomba groove through Goyder Square with DSO's Young Artists!
City of Palmerston

Other Events

Award-winning electronic music duo Electric Fields amplified by the full might of DSO!
Fri 24 May, 8pm
Darwin Entertainment Centre
Join DSO for an electrifying anthology of incredible hits!
Saturday 22 June, 6:30pm
Darwin Botanic Gardens