Meet DSO


Jonathan Tooby

Artistic Director and Chief Conductor

A Conductor, Artistic Director and Cellist, Jonathan Tooby has worked extensively throughout Australia, Asia and Europe over the last 30 years. He has performed in all forms of music including  Symphonic, Opera, Ballet, Chamber Music and Film and even in Bands  playing music from Bach to AC/DC. He is also in demand as a music educator from primary levels through to the Australian Youth Orchestra.

DSO Players 2022

Violin 1

Tara Murphy#

Erin McCann*

Hanhan Chen

Zakelli Xie

Jasmine Banner

Abbey Munro

Alison Grootendorst

Angela Grootendorst

Angela Xu

Anna Ingram

Anna Ralph

Celina Hodge

Claire Crocombe

Jacqueline Liang

Lachlan Peattie

Louis Elliot

Merran Neilsen

Zeke Llewellyn

Jeremy Chin

Erin Clarke

Lucy Crawford

Rebekah Sekay


Violin 2

Wan-Ling Chang*

Elizabeth Stedman

Aine Buckley

Helen Humphreys

Jodie-Kate Williams

Lucy Vallentine

Melody O'Meara

Netanela Mizrahi

Sonya bree

Terri Woodlock

Vino Sathianathan

Zhen Shang



Greyson Butler^

Mary Frost

Annette Anderson

Sara Clarke

Clare Gorton

Cathy Shilton

Mary Wheaton

Kylie Wilson

Jane Anderson

Alphonsus Tan


Double Bass

Rhiannon Oakhill*

Kathy Campbell

Sally Cutter

Tom Jones


Michael Bardon*

Cathy Applegate

Martyn Gray

Tonia Griffiths

Joanna Kuswadi

Amelia Noble

Denise Phelps

Kate Stephens

Cate-Linne Fraser

Liz Clarkson

Stephanie Arnold



Erna Jarvis



Tania Watts*

Monica Leung

Clare Patterson

Melanie Radcliffe

Nell Stonham



Rozanne Gwynne

Nell Stonham



Sarena Wegener*

Kevin Huang


Cor Anglais

Sarena Wegener



Stephen Pevely*

Susi Bertei

Natalie Chin

Mio Sakabe

Nicholas Yates

Laura Llewellyn

Bass Clarinet

Susi Bertei



Rob Llewellyn*

Alana Bryett

Rosemary Antonini

Angela Estbergs

Harry Cass


French Horn

Joel Hoare*

Bruce Cartwright

Helen List

Felicity Chapman

Holly Shugg


Alto Saxophone

Nicholas Yates


Tenor Saxophone

Susi Bertei



Craig McGiffen*

Barbara Eather

Sarah Lynar

Angela Titmuss

Jason Ding


Melissa Thompson*

Paul Burgess

Archer Bryett

Bass Trombone

Paul Burgess


Carol Atkinson



Ron Roberts


Mark Smith



Genevieve Meehan

Chris Spargo

Kathryn Ezzy

Carol Atkinson

Hui-Min Leastman

Josh Spurr



Chen Hui Tan

Hui-Min Leastman




# Concertmaster

*Section Principal/Leader

+ Guest Musician

^Acting Principal