Join us in celebrating our wonderfully talented Young Artists this International Youth Day!  
We spoke with Holly, Zakelli, Isabella, Harry and Tom who are all members of our Young Artists Program. We asked them what love they love most about playing music and what music means to them in everyday life.  

Their wonderfully worded and inspiring responses are sure to blow you away!  

Holly playing the French Horn with our Young Artists

Meet Holly!

Instrument: French horn

Q: What do you enjoy most about playing the French horn and rehearsing with YAP?

A: I love playing the horn because it allows me to express myself and be completely free. It allows me to live vicariously through the different stories told throughout each genre of music. Playing French horn has become my life and I absolutely love having the ability to play in so many different environments with varying age ranges – all of which are so positive and joyous.

Q: How does music inspire your everyday life? What does music mean to you?

A: Music mostly helps me to ground myself. For me, it’s almost meditative to hear each part of the music come together and fit so perfectly, like a puzzle. Whenever I play, I feel so powerful and strong knowing that I am one of those pieces in the puzzle, and that my individual voice of playing the horn, blends with everyone else’s instrumental voice to create a perfect harmonious bond.

Music means the world to me. Without music, the world would be cold in black and white. There’d be no difference in everyone’s day to day lives, there’d be no color. I love music because it allows me to let everything go, and to grow through learning to play different and harder melodies as I progress fowards. I love playing my French horn because it allows me to be hard in a way that I otherwise couldn’t, and it’s because of that that I think music is so incredibly important.

Zakelli playing with DSO at Metamorphosis

Say hello to Zak!

Instrument: Violin

Q: Why do you love playing and rehearsing with YAP?

A: The most enjoyable part about music making in YAP is the feeling that everyone is learning something, no matter how experienced we are. Because YAP is about young people, it’s not always about strict methods and formal activities. It is more about the mentorship between the more practiced and the younger ages and how we can still have fun through that process. I think that is what makes YAP so different from other ensemble groups – because although YAP still guides us into the style of traditional orchestras and chamber groups, that isn’t always the focus. 

Q: How does music help you in everyday life? What does music mean to you?

A: Music has been a major part of my life for over 10 years now. It was a casual activity which grew into a hobby which has now grown into a major part of my life. It represents an anchor in my life and is the centre of many of my proudest achievements and happiest memories. People who I met through my involvement in music have become some of my oldest and closest friends who I see almost everyday. Music (listening or playing) is such a fascinating experience for me now; some days, it can be the most challenging thing in the world, on others, it may be the one thing that can help me relax.

Tom playing cello with YAP at Sonic Safari

This is Tom!

Q: Why do you love playing and rehearsing with YAP?

A: The thing I enjoy the most about YAP is being able to collaborate with some of the other amazing members. I feel honoured that I get to be a part of such a skilled group of musicians, who are also very kind and forgiving of my mistakes. I also love being able to make new friends who enjoy playing music. They help and encourage me to grow both as a person and a musician.

Q: How does music help you in everyday life? What does music mean to you?

A: In everyday life, playing music is a great way for me to learn how to put in hard work and effort. It helps me learn the value of working hard and being able to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Listening to music is something that I do often as a supplement to playing music, for example widening my musical knowledge and understanding of genres, or to listen to music that will give me an appreciation for the skill of the player so that I can learn from their ability. 

Say hey to Isabella!

Isabella performing at Family Proms

Instrument: Percusion

Q: Why do you love playing and rehearsing with YAP?

A: The thing I enjoy most about playing with YAP, is that we got to know each other. We didnt make it an awkward group of kids that play music together once a week. Any one of us could make a mistake while learning/playing a piece , it is knowing that we have mentors that are there to help and assist that males it less daunting. After all we are all still learning our skills within a group and where we all fit in to the bigger picture. I believe we compliment each other with our differences. 

Q: How does music help you in everyday life? What does music mean to you?

A: Music helps me in everyday life by giving me an outlet for emotions i usually dont know how to express. Its one of those things where if you play a certain way, the mood is very clear through what is heard. Music means a way of expressing oneself, and to help others express pent up emotions aswell.

We hope you enjoyed reading about how music inspires and motivates our brilliant Young Artists!

For more information about our Young Artists Program, and how you can get involved, head to the ‘Education’ tab above!