Our 2020 Education Program is designed to engage and delight children and families! This year, we present some exciting new initiatives for young music lovers and musicians. Alongside our much loved Kids' Classics programs we are introducing Family Proms, and entirely new program for Darwin.

Kids' Classics concerts are an accessible way to bring the joy of classical music to children's lives. Each concert runs for approximately 45 minutes, and they are held in locations across Darwin.

Family Proms will showcase the whole symphony orchestra to young listeners, sparking intrigue in classical music for the whole family. Young audience members are able to participate, and might even get a chance to conduct the orchestra!

Family Proms

A fun and interactive introduction to the whole orchestra Our Family Proms concert will spark intrigue in classical music for kids and grown-ups alike. This special event introduces the whole symphony orchestra to new…

Action / Adventure

Grab your cape and ready your swords for a heroic adventure!  Amy Hetherington and Natalie Pellegrino will be your expert guides on this musical escapade exploring famous soundtracks including John…