Witladla has lost his necklace! How will he be able to get it back on his own?

Larrakia Elder Aunty June Mills tells the story of the little owl, Witladla, and his lost necklace. Filled with original songs, puppets that reference traditional Larrakia designs and fun actions, your children are sure to be singing and dancing in no time! 

From beginning to end, this show is filled with visual art and craft, musical talent, and with DSO Ensemble adding a beautiful new soundscape to accompany the extraordinary story-telling skills of Aunty June Mills. Your children will be captivated as she shares this moment in the life of Witladla. 

Enjoy the story, and stay after the show to meet Aunty June, our musicians, and all the characters of the play. Who will your favourite characters be? 

This show is designed for pre-school and primary school aged children. 

Original Concept & Creation by June Mills

9:30am & 11:00am Saturday 22 April  //  CDU Theatre