Have you got what it takes to save the world and conquer the universe?  

Saturday 26th October, 6.30pm
Darwin Entertainment Centre

Don your cape, mount your broomsticks and journey across the cinematic landscape from Valhalla to Middle Earth in this epic musical odyssey.  


Hear iconic themes from Hans Zimmer’s Gladiator, John Williams’ Star Wars and Harry Potter, Wagner’s fearsome Ride of the Valkyries, and the tiny but mighty hero Babe by Australian Composer Nigel Westlake. Don’t miss this performance features majestic musical masterpieces celebrating heroes of all shapes and sizes! 


This action-packed homage to cinematic and legendary heroes will be an audio-visual spectacular ideal for all ages. 



A breathtaking testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit 


Sat 17 Aug, 7.30pm
Darwin Entertainment Centre
Embark on a journey from stormy seas to enchanting tales with two exceptional guest artists 


Sat 7 Dec, 7.30pm
Darwin Entertainment Centre