Meet Isabella Penna, Darwin Symphony Orchestra’s most recent, talented Young Artist Program (YAP) graduate, and newest member of the DSO percussion section. 

Image: Tim Nicol Photography

Isabella has been learning and performing with the DSO Young Artists since 2020 and has been playing the Timpani for 6 years. She picked up this unique instrument by chance during her first year of high school.  

“It was during a practice session for our concert band,” Isabella said in a recent interview with DSO. “The conductor looked over at me and said ‘Bella, play these…’ All I saw were huge drums I had never seen before and was like ‘okay, but how do I play them?’ That was the beginning of my journey with Timpani. I have never looked back.” 

Bella says she loves the Timpani for their versatility, and that they certainly suit her personality! 

Image: Tim Nicol Photography

When reflecting on her time performing with the Young Artists Program Bella said the program allowed her to be herself. “I use my music to convey my emotions and thoughts. YAP showcases each player’s individuality, which I love”.  

In the coming 12 months, Bella is looking forward to gaining experience and working alongside the other talented musicians in the orchestra. “I am looking forward to the first concert of 2022, Action // Adventure. I absolutely love the music that we will be showcasing in this.”  

Playing with Darwin Symphony Orchestra has been a goal of Bella’s for 6 years, and the orchestra is thrilled to have her join their ranks this year.  

Bella plans to continue her journey with music and hopes one day to achieve her career goal of completing a degree in child psychology with an emphasis on music therapy.  

You can see Bella performing with the orchestra at Action // Adventure on Saturday 19 March, 6.30pm at Darwin Entertainment Centre.  

To book tickets head to!/events/-MoBBPqtyqMu0-Ayo5bH/ or click the ‘Book Now’ button below.