Symphony of Stuff

Kitchen concertos and bathroom beats 

Saturday 20 April, 9.30am & 11am
CDU Theatre
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There's  a  wondrous world of music created from ordinary objects found in our homes! DSO Musicians will transform everyday items such as pots, pans, buckets, and brooms into extraordinary instruments, producing household beats that will have you dancing along.  


Be inspired to unleash your creativity and make music anywhere and anytime – in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even in the laundry!   


Ideal for primary school aged children, this fun and interactive show empowers kids to find and make music wherever they are.  



Goomba groove through Goyder Square with DSO's Young Artists!


City of Palmerston
A Choreographed Quest for Curious Young Minds 


October, 2024
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory & In schools 
Unleash your inner musician for an interactive morning of music with the whole orchestra! 


Sat 11 May, 9.30am & 11am
Palmerston Recreation Centre